You see, we are all called to run a race for Jesus, and repentance is the starting line of that race. It’s futile to try to run the race if you never made it to the starting line to begin with! This is the problem with many believers today. They are trying to follow the Lord, but they have never truly repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. The result of the false gospel so prevalent today can be seen in churches full of half-hearted Christians whose lives are still centered on selfishness and the principles of the world. Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God to the earth. He came to completely transform individuals, families and nations from the inside out – a radical revolution that would change the world through obedient, blood-bought servants who are willing to bow their knee and say, “Lord, after all You have done for me, what would You have me do for You?” – WRITTEN BY BROTHER YUN

Friday, August 5, 2016


At one point of time when Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord, He delivered them into the hands of Philistines for forty years. God wants to deliver the Israelites from the hands of Philistines. 

At that time there lived a man called Manoah and his wife was barren and had no child. 

The angel of the Lord appeared to her and said, “You are barren and childless, but you are going to become pregnant and give birth to a son. Now see to it that you drink no wine or other fermented drink and that you do not eat anything unclean.
You will become pregnant and have a son whose head is never to be touched by a razor because the boy is to be a Nazirite, dedicated to God from the womb. He will take the lead in delivering Israel from the hands of the Philistines.”- Judges 13:3-5

Every detail about how she has to behave during the pregnancy and how they should raise that child was given to her clearly. Once she heard what the angel told, she ran to her husband and told him about everything. 

Manoah never said like, “Ok we will think about this later once the child was born or Ok if God wants us to do that let Him come again and speak to us.” He never said like that. 

But with so much of humbleness and eagerness to know God’s purpose upon his son who is to be born, he prayed a beautiful prayer which was recorded in Judges 13:8

“Then Manoah prayed to the Lord: “Pardon your servant, Lord. I beg you to let the man of God you sent to us come again to teach us how to bring up the boy who is to be born.”

He says, “Lord teach us how to bring up the boy who is to be born.” He wants God to tell him the ways in which he should bring up his son. God heard his prayers and revealed His purpose. 

Then Manoah and his wife made sure that everything was done in accordance to God’s will in Samson’s life. They made sure that Samson’s head was never touched by the razor. Because of that God could fulfill His will in Samson’s life. God worked through Samson’s life and he led Israel for twenty years in the days of Philistines until he revealed everything to a woman.

Once when Samson wants to marry a Philistine girl, his parents objected and asked him why he should go to uncircumcised people to get a wife?

Manoah and his wife tried their level best to lead Samson in a right path giving him good counsel as they knew God’s purpose upon His life. Manoah and his wife were so serious about God’s purpose which was revealed to them and they surrendered themselves to God’s purpose completely.

You asked God for a child and God gave you a child. Do you know what is God’s purpose upon your child’s life? Have you ever waited in God’s presence to know His purpose upon your child?
You know that you have to raise a Godly generation. But then are you taking that seriously or you say to yourself that your child will grow and decide which ways to follow later?

When our parents wanted us to stop watching secular movies, they first stopped watching that. When they wanted us to pray daily, they showed us by their action. They never said that you do anything and I will not interfere. They gave good counselling to us and they showed us the right path and they never exposed us to unwanted things of this world. Now we are blessed and doing God’s work with so much joy and happiness. 

My dear young friend, do not expose your children to filthy things of this world. God has a purpose upon your child’s life and now you have to lead your child in that way. It’s your duty. He has given you a child while so many others are still longing for the blessing. But now you have begun to take things lightly. You are not serious as you were before in raising your child in Godly way. God wants you to change so that your children life will be blessed and you will live without shame. 

Lead your children in Godly ways and righteous path. You will be blessed.

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