You see, we are all called to run a race for Jesus, and repentance is the starting line of that race. It’s futile to try to run the race if you never made it to the starting line to begin with! This is the problem with many believers today. They are trying to follow the Lord, but they have never truly repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. The result of the false gospel so prevalent today can be seen in churches full of half-hearted Christians whose lives are still centered on selfishness and the principles of the world. Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God to the earth. He came to completely transform individuals, families and nations from the inside out – a radical revolution that would change the world through obedient, blood-bought servants who are willing to bow their knee and say, “Lord, after all You have done for me, what would You have me do for You?” – WRITTEN BY BROTHER YUN

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


“...great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire...” – Matthew 15:28

In this passage we read about a gentile woman who came to Jesus with a prayerful desire to receive healing for her daughter. She pleaded to God for His mercy but Bible says in Matthew 15:23, “But He answered her not a word.”

Jesus Christ never answered her prayer immediately and she didn’t lose her faith. She persisted in following Jesus for that one blessing. Finally Jesus spoke the word that she longed for. 

Jesus said, “Let it be to you as you desire.” And immediately at that moment her daughter got healed. 

Many a times when our prayers were not answered by God, we lose our hope. The delay in your prayer getting answered might be a testing time of your faith. If you continue to have faith in Jesus Christ, He will definitely do a miracle to you. You will live in peace. 

My second brother knows a family who were affected by a generational curse. So many years before, in that family few of them let one of their own daughters to suffer in a lonely city for she loved one guy whom they disliked. Her tears brought curse upon that family and because of that every young person suffered a lot. 

The family whom my brother knew came to know about Jesus Christ but they failed to accept Jesus Christ as their own Saviour. But a young boy in that family took Jesus as His personal Saviour and begun His journey of faith. 

He had no job and his life was in a miserable state because of the curse. But yet he never got backslidden from his faith. Jesus Christ saw his faith and blessed him with a good job in Indian Bank. Now that young guy is working in the bank and leading a peaceful life. 

My dear young friends, you might be facing a hardship now. You might not have understood the reason behind the troubles that you are facing. Do not get discouraged. Stay in faith. As you continue to seek the face of Jesus Christ, He will give you all that you desired. 

Today Jesus Christ might seem to be silent to your prayers. Soon He will proclaim a word of blessing upon your life and that word will change your life upside down for good. All the promises He had given you and He is giving you will come to pass. 

You had stick on to God at all difficult times. You kept Him alone as your hope and you believe that He will surely do good to you. Jesus Christ has seen your faith. You will surely receive the reward for the faith that you are having upon Him. You will not be forsaken. Jesus Christ will honor you. Rejoice for He is going to put an end to all your sorrows. God bless you.

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