You see, we are all called to run a race for Jesus, and repentance is the starting line of that race. It’s futile to try to run the race if you never made it to the starting line to begin with! This is the problem with many believers today. They are trying to follow the Lord, but they have never truly repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. The result of the false gospel so prevalent today can be seen in churches full of half-hearted Christians whose lives are still centered on selfishness and the principles of the world. Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God to the earth. He came to completely transform individuals, families and nations from the inside out – a radical revolution that would change the world through obedient, blood-bought servants who are willing to bow their knee and say, “Lord, after all You have done for me, what would You have me do for You?” – WRITTEN BY BROTHER YUN

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


“He raises the poor from the dust And lifts the beggar from the ash heap, To set them among princes and make them inherit the throne of glory..." - 1 Samuel 2:8

There was a young guy who struggled a lot in his school days to score good marks. Whatever he studies he will forgot it immediately. He lacked knowledge and wisdom. He could not even speak a sentence properly.  His marks were less than 375 in 10th std public examination. He could not get a group of his interest in +2. His father tried to find a good school for him but he could not get admission even in a low rated school in that city. He stood by the road and cried lot thinking about his future. Even in +2 exams he could not score more than 800. His future seems to be darkened.

At that time he gave his life to Christ completely and came out of his sinful habits. He began to pray diligently. He got admission in a D. Pharm course and when he finished that course he could settle in a job for a salary of Rs. 1500. Every one of his relatives mocked at him for his inabilities. In the year God spoke to him through a prophet saying He will give a government job for him. Though he could not believe that, He trusted God’s word and begun to pray and study hard diligently for the government exams.

In the year 2006, God fulfilled His promise and gave him a job in the government college and also enabled him to complete Bachelors degree in the same college. Recently as he appeared for an all India GPAT exam, God gave him university level first rank. In the same city where he struggled to get an admission, God made him to stand as university topper. The one who could not speak a sentence properly is now sharing God’s word in an invited weekly live program in that city.

God can do wonders in your life. As you trust in the Lord, you will never be put to shame. God will change your life’s situations and make you as the head and not the tail.  You will always be at the top and never at the bottom.

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