You see, we are all called to run a race for Jesus, and repentance is the starting line of that race. It’s futile to try to run the race if you never made it to the starting line to begin with! This is the problem with many believers today. They are trying to follow the Lord, but they have never truly repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. The result of the false gospel so prevalent today can be seen in churches full of half-hearted Christians whose lives are still centered on selfishness and the principles of the world. Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God to the earth. He came to completely transform individuals, families and nations from the inside out – a radical revolution that would change the world through obedient, blood-bought servants who are willing to bow their knee and say, “Lord, after all You have done for me, what would You have me do for You?” – WRITTEN BY BROTHER YUN

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Now Elizabeth’s full time came for her to be delivered, and she brought forth a son. When her neighbors and relatives heard how the Lord had shown great mercy to her, they rejoiced with her.” – Luke 1:57, 58.

Zacharias and Elizabeth both were righteous. Both of them were old and Elizabeth was barren. Everyone of their neighbour might know their life and the lack of blessing in their life. 

One day an Angel of the Lord met Zacharias and told him that his wife will bear him a son. Zacharias could not believe the Lord’s promise immediately because they were that much old.

But then a day came when the Lord’s promise got fulfilled in their life. Elizabeth conceived and she hid herself for five months. Many did not know that she was conceived. When Elizabeth’s full time came for her to be delivered, God blessed her with a son. 

As we all know, definitely Zacharias and Elizabeth would have felt so happy that God has blessed her with a son as He promised them. They have longed for this blessing for years and so they were happy. 

Bible records a beautiful incident that happens once Elizabeth delivers the baby. Bible says that when her neighbours and relatives heard the Lord’s doing in Elizabeth life, they rejoiced with her.

Why should the neighbours rejoice when Zacharias and Elizabeth receive a blessing from God? That was the bond of love between the neighbours and the family of Zacharias.

Will we be able to rejoice when someone whom we know receive a blessing or promotion or success? Are we rejoicing with them or we feel jealous about them?

Today God wants us to love our neighbour and rejoice with them. When your neighbour feels happy about something in their life, you should also feel happy for them. When they feel sad, you should also cry with them. That’s God’s love. 

Jesus sent few appointed ones to go and minister in various cities. When they returned they joyfully told Jesus all the good things that had happened through them. Luke 10:21 says that Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit. When His loved ones rejoiced, Jesus Christ also rejoiced with them. 

One day a man named Lazarus got sick and he died. When Jesus came to raise him from the dead, He saw his sisters and Jews crying. John 11:35 says that Jesus wept. When His loved ones cried, God also cried.

In Matthew 11:29 Jesus says, “...learn from Me...”

My dear young friends, learn from the life of Jesus. He cried when others wept. He rejoiced when someone else rejoiced because of something that had happened in their life. A better relationship needs bond of God’s love. You can’t simply rejoice with your neighbour without God’s love within you. 

Ask God to give you His grace and love so that you can rejoice with your neighbour when they receive a blessing and cry with them when they go through tough times. Your relationship will be blessed and God’s name will be glorified through you.

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